Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Best of Times, And The Not So Best Of Times

I love this picture! It was taken at a time when life was practically perfect. My kids not only talked nice to each other, but they would often hug each other just because they were there (it's true). They happily did things that were asked of them and they didn't make big messes. They were so good, that I never hesitated to take all four of them out in public at the same time. Everything that came out of their mouths was something that should be quoted and maybe even formed into a song or sometimes a comic strip.

I loved cleaning my house back then. A few times a week I would clean and mop the wood floors. It was a time for reflection as I ran the buffer across the wood floor to make it shine. Inspiration seemed to flow freely from doing this mundane task.

I was in good shape. I got up almost every morning at 5:45 and traveled only 3 blocks to the 24 hour fitness gym. I was home in time to get the kids up for school and get ready for the day.

My husband and I were going to the temple quite a bit back then. We had a sitter who would baby sit for free, but because we didn't want to take advantage of her generosity, she switched off with her sister.

How horrible would it be if life didn't throw in a lemon or two or three!!

We have made a lot of lemonade over the years and today, quite frankly, we are bored with it, so we are taking those lemons and trying to make cakes and pies as well.

Today we are learning to take patience and kindness up a notch when a son drives into a school bus or falls asleep at the wheel on the freeway! Thankfully no one was hurt.

Today we are learning to be more frugal because teenagers clothes and shoes are more expensive. Believe it or not, they outgrow them faster as well.

I would have to get up much earlier these days to go to the gym, so I am out of shape. I don't enjoy cleaning my house any more. There is too much of it!

Nathan and I still go to the temple, but we haven't been together in quite some time. Our evenings are full, so I can only go in the afternoons, and Nathan goes when he can.

The kids have changed too. At times we have to send the children into another room or outside, because their words are loaded with sharp tones and would cut out the spirit that our home should instead welcome in.

It is hard to have teenagers! Their messes are bigger, their expenses are bigger, and their attitudes are bigger. Fortunately, so are the lessons we can learn from having them.

I have aged about 5 years in the last 3 months, but with age comes wisdom. With trials come blessings, and with faith comes understanding. I wasn't growing when my life was practically perfect, I am growing now...but I think I am done growing for the time being.


Sara said...

Even through all the hard stuff, you guys are still awesome! I am nervous for teenagers, if my sassy six year old is any fraction of what I have to look forward to, YIKES!!! But this too shall pass right, probably all too quickly, then they will be gone. . . hallelujah ;)
joy in the journey, sometimes

memojeff said...

You know, when it rains, it pours. It seemss to be pouring on everyone in one way or another lately. We were all those kids & those teenagers at one time or another. Hopefully your kids will grow up to be as great as you and Nathan are. We LOVE you guys.


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