Tuesday, March 31, 2009

General Conference Packet

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Friday, March 13, 2009

Looking For A Great Husband?

Top 10 Qualities:

10. Hair: It is good to have someone who has little or no hair...or at least balding potential. Men with a lot of hair spend a lot of money on it. He may even still your favorite brush. Bald guys or guys with little hair don't use a lot of hair products or brushes. You will never have to worry that his hair looks better than yours.

9. Size: It is good to have a husband who is at least twice your size and strength. When the wind isn't always blowing at your back, you will need a big massive guy to block it from messing up your hair; and what will happen if you brake your ankle hiking up a mountain? Are you going to walk down that mountain yourself? Skinny guys can't carry you down that mountain without having to rest one hundred times. Big guys would prove to be much more time efficient.

8. Handy: It is good to have a husband who can do more than change a light bulb. If he can fix a hole in the drywall, big deal; if he can build you a whole house, even better; but if he can turn a 30 year old fixer upper into the most beautiful house on the block, he's a keeper.

7. Entertainer: It is good to have a guy who can entertain 2 people or 2 hundred people. No one wants to go to a party and hear that your husband is the "boring one". Of course your husband must keep you laughing even when you are suffering from the "I'm sick of picking up after you" syndrome.

6. Cook: It is good to have a man who can cook better than you...enough said.

5. Employment: It is good to have a husband with a job. It is better if he actually works for himself and not for a boss. The ideal situation, would be for him to make enough money where he can take care of you and your family and can still be flexible enough to go to Disney Land at the last minute. So you definately don't want your husband to be a doctor, lawyer, a rocket scientist, or anything like that; unless of course you don't really like to have him around.

4. It is good to have a husband who is smarter than you. Like someone once said to me, if your husband is smarter than you are, then you are smarter than he is.

3. Music: It is good to have a husband who can sing to you or play an instrument in dedication to you (because without you he is nothing). It is good if he can sing Karaoke. People will then come up to you and say..."Hey your husband should be on American Idol!" instead of "Where is the closest wall...I need a place to bang my head." Of course you know your husband is AWESOME when a guy comes up to him after he sang a song and kisses him on the cheek and says, "You moved me man...you really moved me," followed by a tear running down his cheek.

2. It is good to have a husband who would give the shirt off of his back for someone...especially if it doesn't stink.

1. It is good to have a husband who worships the ground you walk on. So when you ask your husband what he will do with that life insurance money after you kick the bucket and he says...."I think I will need to spend it all trying to find someone as great as you are", then you have found your man.

You may have guessed that these qualities make up my husband. It is our 19th Wedding Anniversary. We have been so blessed to have each other.

Nathan, you have been by me through thick and thin and still love me more than I deserve. Here's to another 19 years.

You Keep Me Grounded

You Carry Me Through Lifes Challenges

You Lift Me When I Am Down

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