Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Balancing Life With Music

I love music....I use it a lot to help me get in the spirit of the moment. When I am getting ready for the day and in the bathroom putting makeup on and doing my hair, I listen to hymns.

Thursdays are my "clean the house" day and I am usually in a hurry to see how fast I can get it done. I start in the kitchen and set the timer for 15 minutes. I then turn on the fastest music I can find...It is usually workout music. I move on to the next room and do it all over again.

On Sundays, hymns are played all day on the ihome in the kitchen.

Nathan and I were listening to the radio while driving. A listener called in to ask for the most romantic song that would magically convince this guy to fall in love with her. I knew the perfect song, and I started to sing it....from Chicago...."You know our love was meant to be, the kind of love to last forever, and I want you hear with me, from tonight until the end of time." Nathan agreed that that was a good choice. That wasn't the song they played for her. The song that was played was from Blonde..."The tide is high and I'm movin on, I'm gonna be your number one." We thought that was a bad choice....the guy would definately run the other way.

My life seems to be one big musical. When I am in the middle of a conversation with my kids or husband and someone says words that happen to be lyrics to a song, I usually break out in that song. My kids think that is very weird. I live a musical everyday....often I say..."que music" and start singing or humming. I guess that might not be something I should that I think about it, that does seem a little weird.

Whenever I am having a "moment", I always think about what song would go best with my situtation. There is always music playing in my head. I am working on my life's playlist. Music is awesome. So are musicals.

I love musicals! Preston was in his high school production this last week of the Children of Eden. He was great! Trevor was in his school production of Suessical this past week. He was great! Nathan and I went and saw Wicked downtown this past week. I loved it! I thought Glinda and Alphie were absolutely FANTASTIC!

Music brings joy to my soul. May your life's musical bring you joy! I feel a song coming on..

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